The services we provide

Evidence-based, effective treatment for:


    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Low Self-esteem
    • Generalised Anxiety Disorder
    • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder / Trauma
    • Clinical Perfectionism
    • Panic Attacks / Panic Disorder (with or without Agoraphobia)
    • Social Anxiety / Social Phobia
    • Specific Phobia
    • Addiction / Substance Abuse
    • Anger Management

The therapy we offer clients for any of the above is informed by 'protocols', or clear guidelines for treatment, based on the outcome of clinical trials carried out by leading experts in each field. There is strong research evidence that this treatment is effective.

As well as being fully trained and qualified CBT practitioners, we also have many years of experience in other areas of psychology, psychotherapy and counselling. In practice, we work with our clients as individuals, not as clinical cases. We do our best to offer warmth, understanding and compassion, as we believe that the relationship and trust we establish with our clients is just as important as the course of treatment itself.

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Cognitive Behavioural Coaching

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching is a growing field. The principles underlying this approach are identical to those applied to clients in therapy, but in the case of coaching, they are used to facilitate learning, performance and development outside of the therapeutic arena.

Just as we develop unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour which give rise to and maintain depression and anxiety, we can also get into negative cycles which undermine our best efforts in other areas of our personal and working lives. Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) can help us to be more productive, more efficient, less stressed, more creative, and improve our working relationships.

Melanie Jones is an experienced executive, performance and outplacement coach, accredited by the Association for Coaching (AC). She is an Associate Tutor at the Oxford Said Business School on open and bespoke leadership and development programmes, and has worked for many years with individuals and groups in a wide range of public, private sector and voluntary organisations as a coach and trainer. Previous clients include senior civil servants in government departments, in the UK and Middle East, as well as many top executives in construction, transport and local government.

Issues which clients have brought and successfully resolved using CBC include:

• Managing challenging situations with colleagues / bosses / clients

• Career development planning

• Developing management and leadership skills

• Managing underperformance

• Managing excessive workload / managing stress

• Dealing with fear of failure (and success)

• Managing conflicting demands of work and personal life

• Fear of public speaking / giving presentations

• Desire to be more assertive / improve personal impact

• Coping with redundancy

• Preparing for retirement

Fees for Coaching

The cost of coaching depends on location (coaching can be arranged for individuals or groups in the workplace), individual circumstances and requirements, and whether or not the client is self-funding. Clients also have the option to book a block of sessions at a reduced rate. For further information, please call Melanie or submit an email request via this website.

Testimonials are available on request.

CBT Supervision


Mary Bennett, BABCP Accredited Supervisor

Mary has been accredited as Supervisor and Trainer by the BABCP since 2010.

Small group supervision

Mary offers private clinical supervision, either for individuals or for small groups, at her consulting room in East Oxford. Alternatively supervision can be offered via Skype.

She has extensive experience and presently supervises on the OCTC Certificate and Diploma courses.

Supervisees are asked to bring a supervision question and a formulation for each client discussed.

Her aim is to provide the following for supervisees:

• Opportunities to discuss formulation, treatment plans and progress for individual clients.

• A chance to develop particular CBT skills both by role play exercises and by listening to tapes/watching videos. Complete sessions can be CTS-R rated (charged separately) on request.

• Opportunities to increase knowledge. Mary has a wide library of protocols, scholarly articles and other resources which she is happy to share.

• Support for the supervisee in their clinical work, facilitation of reflective practice and encouragement of professional development.

• A safe and confidential place to discuss any concerns about particular clients. As an former Consultant Clinical Psychologist in the NHS, Mary is experienced in clinical governance and can give advice about risk assessment, access to alternative services and ethical practice.

Cost of Supervision

£70 per session.

£90 for CTS-R rating.